Remember when [REDACTED] said hold back the river was not completely terrible, well I've got a similar one

It’s Jason Mraz - I won’t give up on us! It’s alright, kind of reminds me of Annie’s song

You didn’t have to namecheck me there did you Elaina? We could have just left that in the old place.

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Well I wouldn’t have done it if you hadn’t done yours

Didn’t even spell it right mate. She’s done you good n proper

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Eurgh… I need a new new forum.

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Can I edit the op?

This reminds me. The other day in Asda they were playing that what you waiting for song…some old bloke shouted IM WAITING FOR YOU TO BLOODY SHUP UP. Was ace


I’ve laughed a few times at Two and a Half Men :frowning:

can’t say I do, no

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You new?

not sure how to answer…no. silky/garrincha/11/cunt


yo E

nah, it can fuck off. as can ‘a thousand years’. STOP SINGING THEM ON X FACTOR, SHEEPLE.


the school where I am on placement sang hold Back the river the other day as their assembly song!!??!!

the head claimed there ‘are no other songs about floods’ (he had just read Noah’s Ark) i mean really?

I’m enjoying that song Rockabye by Clean Bandits. Don’t know if I should be ashamed of this or not. Good pop music.

:smiley: LOL

I think I was wrong about that Jason mraz song it’s boring