Remember when the age you are currently seemed ancient


remember when the age you are currently seemed ancient and you wondered why anyone would be posting on the internet at that age




official thread soundtrack


slightly tangenting but i saw this comment on youtube last night




yeah i hate being old it’s the worst thing ever


ah holy fuck


zero days


I remember dancing with someone in a club, asked her how old she was and wondered why she was on a night out given that she was… 24!

Fuck 19-year-old me…


Max Verstappen, F1 driver and Spanish Grand Prix winner. Younger than me. Fine with that. His dad is also younger than me. Not fine with that.


next year people who were born in the year 2000 will be legally drinking in pubs

that’s gonna be weird


“Millenials aren’t getting the rounds in…and this is why…”


I never imagined even being anything more than 21. that seemed old af when I was 15.



just realised today that i’ve been obsessing over being 18 ever since I was 18 years old and 1 day.

it’s as cliche as talking about dreams but fuck if DiS isn’t boring af these days namsayin bruh


how many times has the chocolate on top/bottom of biscuit?? thread happened? one is too many times (sorry eltham)


do you remember the golden days incandenza


kind of maybe

I was talking to icwar on Fb the other day and it felt like better times


icwar oh man I remember her

even DiS I miss


I’m okay with people being nice to each other, but not with boring threads about boring things, meho. how am I supposed to be in denial about my age when people are talking about kitchen appliances?


i dont know fam

i just dont know


It scares me that I have students in my classes who weren’t born when I started drinking in pubs.