Remember when

People used to say things were pants.

“That’s pants” Does anyone still say this?
Banal I guess.

I say things are pants.

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I think I only ever heard this phrase in Match magazine

I say things are trousers because I’m not American

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That’s rad, earlier I was thinking of starting a thread to see which phrases people are currently using.

I was gonna kick things off with “bad boys”.

I don’t really call things pants in general, never have in the past either (to answer your actual questions).

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If something was good, some people would say it was ‘the pants’.

What a world

very Miami 7

Would occasionally expand to using the Spanish word “pantalones”


What do you wear under your trousers?

Or do you go commando? (or am I asking too much?)

…is this the filth thread?

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We’re too depressed

I like pants.

edit: both under and standard.