…when only Tories had phone contracts and there were no free text deals so you’d use free-SMS websites to text yer pals? How weird does that seem now?


1-0 barleysugar.


i remember this! wasn’t genie one of them?


Forgotten about those free SMS websites. Great fun, especially having to use a whole bunch of your limited characters to add your name in.


The end for free SMS?
Friday, 12 January, 2001, 20:15 GMT

January 2001!!!


They’d be so bad for abuse nowadays aswell. Never remember any of that. Used to text mates when they were really stoned with stuff like ‘Matt. What are you doing with your life?’ but nothing cruel.


The one i used was fish something.




still seems to be a thing???

can someone send some anon abuse to a friend and report back. cheers


I can’t rmemeber the one I used but it was very orange and blue. I was never 100% sure it worked cause it seemed too good to be true.


It was 100% orange and blue.


getting codes off websites to program ringtones of famous songs on your phone


In many ways 1998-2001 was a great time to be alive.



hi mum


I was of the right age in the, maybe 6month, window of time when people had pagers


remember paying £1.50 for one of these



Oh wow the nostalgia.

Remember on all the music channels they used to advertise phone services like love calculators, where you text it two names and it would tell you the comparability? Was probably a fiver a throw. They must have been taking it in.





Always assumed you were younger than 28.

Did you have a uBoot account? Always ask people but they’re non-plussed, so i say ‘yknow, before Faceparty’, not got a clue.


I used cbfsms to text my flatmate that I was quitting uni. Realised afterwards that if you have the ‘allow replies’ box ticked it adds ‘tb’ to the end of the text, so I basically sent her ‘quitting uni tb’ as though I was really needy and needed a response from her even though I barely spoke to my flatmates.



Do you guys like trance music?