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I’m looking for something that will remind me to do certain things at intervals during the day.

Drink properly, stretch, do neck exercises, come away from desk and have decent breaks etc.

I don’t need to see my progress (though I’m not against it) but I absolutely need to be reminded to do these things. Neck exercises every hour, mini break every 30 minutes, that kinda shizz.

It’s not enough to have something just tell me I need to do something ten times today and then let me choose when - because I absolutely won’t and frankly my neck and shoulders have just about had a titsfull of it.

Suggestions and sarcasm greatly appreciated.


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Just a simple fitbit? They tell you to stand up every hour after you’ve set a certain amount of steps to achieve per hour

If you have an iphone there is a reminder app

I 100% live by this app, can’t function without it

I only use it every now and again. Mostly “get garlic bread”


I could @ you regularly through the day barking orders. Say… pound a day? (Not available Thursdays)


have you considered a watch

My Apple watch literally tells me to breathe so this could be the kind of thing you’re looking for!

Omg that thing. First app i turned off. Quite like the honk at ten to the hour telling you to get off your arse though

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Had a reminder on screen since Monday to cancel Disney+ :sunglasses::unamused:

I’ve got a Garmin watch somewhere I don’t use - if I can find it, I’m sure it can be setup with a “stand up, go do something” poke if you’ve been sat at a desk for a certain amount of time. If it’s still around more than welcome to it. Vivoactive or Vivosmart 3 maybe. Looks like a Fitbit

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I was going to start this thread. Am in desperate need of a good organisational app and notifications are a crucial aspect.
Google tasks had turned out to be useless.

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I regularly buy diaries to go dormant and empty for the entire year.

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The closest thing I’ve found, which I’m using, is a Chrome extension called Healthy Browsing.

It pretty much does the trick.