Reminder to cancel that thing you were going to cancel

don’t want you accidentally tipping over into another month’s subscription do we!!!

What’s yours? I need to cancel gym subscription and hayu channel on amazon prime.


Wwe network

The Athletic trial ( read one article about Soccer AM)

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I can see myself forgetting to cancel Britbox after six months of not watching a single thing and then paying for a stinking month.

is it six months free?

Gym membership.

But I can’t because they’ve frozen it for the time being. I’ll probably forget all about it by the time gyms are allowed to reopen.

Yup with EE

yeah i wouldn’t be fussed about mine but i signed up to one in town near where I was working so pointless now

can just cancel your direct debit can’t you?

Genuinely just saved me £50, thank you! :upside_down_face:

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that’s a steal, reckon a month’s dosh is the least you could do!

It’s still got a month left before the 12 month minimum term is up - I’m assuming it’s basically frozen at 11 months, so I’d need to wait until the gym reopens and they take another payment before I can knock it on the head.

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WWE network and audible. Got a reminder on my phone for tomorrow but thanks for the heads up!

oh yeah audible is a fucker for this, never remember even signing up for it!!!111

that’s you, that is

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My Eating Ass free trial. cheers!


how’ve you been enjoying it?

great! signed up for another trial with a different email, but don’t tell the man :wink:



signed up to a trial of PBS that was about to lapse as well, dodged a bullet there!!!

shit! tunnel bear free trial! that was a close one.