Reminder to cancel that thing you were going to cancel

shit! tunnel bear free trial! that was a close one.


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Funnily enough I just got the email reminding me to renew my contents insurance for a flat I don’t live in anymore. Have to actually phone somebody and ask them to cancel it because Admiral are big stupidheads.

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Amazon prime

Only got it to rewatch 30rock I’m pretty sure and should have cancelled like 2 maybe 3 months ago.

Did order a book and it didn’t have to pay shipping which was good though

Yeah, just managed to cancel the French Audible account I got myself into a year or so ago TODAY. Proud of myself.

fuuuck, tunnel bear stung me again. smh.

Is changing your Internet supplier as boring and onerous as I think it’s going to be? Our introductory rate with Virgin finishes this month and I’d desperately like to bin them off (or call them and get a better rate, which I am reminding myself to do here).

Tried to cancel my 3 data sim last month when contact ended (due to go up from £9 to £30!) and told they couldn’t process data sim cancellations for a while. Tried yesterday and was told I couldn’t because the system was being updated and told to try again in a few hours. Tried today and told I couldn’t because the system was being updated and told to try again in a few hours.

Should I just cancel my direct debit if I get fobbed off this afternoon? I’ve kept screenshots of all the chats.

  • Yes, don’t let them take your money
  • No, that might lead to some kind of trouble

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I found that the Virgin crew have upped their game for getting a better deal. Used to be able to get loads off but only shaved off a couple of quid last time. Although who knows now.

We’re at the end of a 12 month contract where the cost doubles if we don’t cancel it so think we’re in a decent bargaining position. I do really hate them as well.

Shit hot broadband though

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Forgot to do this the other day and now have a year of Strava premium. £48.

My advice is based off doing this when they signed me up to two contracts by mistake and cancelling the direct debit turned out badly. They keep piling collection fees on top and they do come after you.

If you put it in writing (and tell them you’ve tried to ring but cant do it) they can back date it even if the system is down.


Think ours was going to go from about 27 quid to 54. Gave them a ring to ‘cancel’ and were paying either 32 or 34 now.

OMG a like from Hoogy on a post for some consumer advice

I could cry with happiness

Did you ring them before or after the last payment was taken? Cannot for the life of me remember the cancellation terms.


Slightly old post/late reply but mine was frozen and I still managed to get it permanently cancelled with no hassle by sending them an email.

Apple TV - done (forgot to do it before being charged but still a steal just for the Beastie Boys Story)
BT Sport - on hold
Sky Sports - on hold
Pure Gym - on hold

Think I did it as it was coming up to the end