Reminder to cancel that thing you were going to cancel

Yeah got it done with no bother.

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Cancelled both my outstanding subscriptions at the start of the week :muscle:

But will now have to remember to cancel my beer box after the first cheap one arrives

Still means a lot

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Just out of interest, what kind of totals are you looking at for subscription-y leisure/entertainment things per month? I’ve got Mubi, Netflix, Readly, Spotify which comes to about £40 but not sure if that’s average or not really.

Lots going on this month:

Britbox trial
Starzplay subscription
Mubi subscription

Gonna forget to cancel at least one of them

just remembered to cancel a restaurant I’d double booked for tomorrow

would have cost me £90 if i forgot phew

I switched my current account so all the stuff I was too lazy to cancel has been done for me. Much less hassle too.

still tunnel bear

PS Now

stung again

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Sky Cinema pass on NowTV, before Friday I think

cancelled starz which I got for veronica mars, and the free trial of some concert video app that isn’t very good.