Remixes that take a track on a journey


I love remixes that take a track on a completely different journey than intended. Lets be honest, 95% of remixes commissioned are designed to be played in clubs, mixed within conventional dance music. Nothing wrong with that - and many work really well. But I like remixes that give a completely different perspective on the original track, transforming it, and actually making it stand alone.
Here is one of my favs -


I could jag my old These New Puritans remix. Can’t remember if it’s any good but it bore next to no resemblance to the original iirc. I’ll see if I can find it out


and just a whole load of these really…


The Shackleton one never gets old <3


Nina Kraviz played it at a festival in Australia recently, much to the outrage of the vest and snapback brigade who had no idea what to do.

I have a lot of time for Supermayer’s Tiergarten remix as well (which is convenient, seeing as it goes on for 14 minutes).


I apparently love it so much I didn’t even remember to link to it.



think i like this version even more than the (brilliant) original


Not necessarily a “trip” kind of remix but a classic that does it for me every time