Renaissance People

Reckon Tim Booth would describe himself as a lover of ‘the arts’

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Henry VIII

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Elon musk
Renaissance man
He-say-nonce man


How do you pronounce it?

  • REN-aissance
  • ren-AI-ssance

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reckon gordon brown has a 5 metre wide bookshelf full of books that he’d admit to having never read if you grilled him hard enough.


That was what i was trying to write for the first one. American style.

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couldn’t find a vid but that was exactly what I was thinking.

One my favourite scenes in the whole show. And i reckon that’s all MPs, not just Gordon Brown.

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I just say Renée sawns.

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You’ve gone too far this time

Magic people renaissance people

No one ever says it out loud, so moot.

My friend Ian once posited that Rolf Harris would, in generations to come, be remembered as one of the great Renaissance men of our times - a recording artist with a number one hit, a respected artist who painted a portrait of the Queen, and a beloved TV presenter.

That was before the… unpleasantness.