Renaming Ceremony


How easy is it to change your username on here? Billy_jizz once seemed flippant and pithy, but I no longer relate to it. Can I be William_Jizz instead?


William Jizz, William Jizz, it was really nothing.


In all seriousness, I would like a new username. At the moment, I would never go to a meat and actually say ‘billy-jizz’ out loud. I don’t really know what to replace it with.


Jilly Bizz




Or do it like prince





Can you have emojis in the names on the new board? If so, I would like to pioneer it


Former DiSer SCROTUM had no such inhibitions.




I would like to rename mine to Im_on_safari, but this time I mean that I’m on the browser safari and not the animal safari. How can I do this? Thanks :pray:




Bill E Jizz


Where are they now?