Rental subthread - on average what does it cost to rent:

  • a room
  • a one-bed flat
  • a three bed house

where you live?

And by where you live, I’d say:

  • the town you’re living in, or
  • within a mile of your house if you’re in a city.

about 170 euros per month where I live atm for a room in a big, nice shared 3 bed flat near the city centre.

600 quid a month in a 4 bed shared terrace in Peckham where I lived last.

Here in lovely West Norfolk:

  • room is around £400pcm (though there don’t seem to be many rooms available)
  • 1-bed flat is around £525pcm
  • 3-bed house is around £675pcm

Still seems like a lot of money, especially the rooms and one-beds.

about 60% of my income


Room: £200
One-bed: £450
Three-bed: £600

I moved into a 3 bedroom house 100yards down the road from my 2 bed flat because the rent was less. Still don’t get why it was cheaper

Zone 2 South-East London

Dunno about rooms, I’m not on Spareroom book
1 Bed - £1100
3 Bed - £2200 to inifinity

According to my sources (Google), for Cambridge it’s

  • room is £557
  • one bed property* is £949
  • three bed property* is £1385

Seems about right based on past experience except that the last one feels low.

*data doesn’t distinguish between house and flat

Room - £530 maybe
1 bed - £800
3 bed - £1500

I think people round here (Brighton) pay about £1500 pcm for a 2 bed flat - which seems like fucking loads

No idea for bigger/ smaller places

  • n/a
  • £500
  • £1000

Glasgow West End:
1 room: dunno
1 bed: ~£600
3 bed: ~£1500

Caveats: 1 mile radius covers a huge range of areas so went 1/4 mile instead. Also there’s almost no houses in the wider area so the 3 bed price is for a flat.

Leytonstone (Zone 3, radius set to within 0.5 miles of the Central line station and the Overground station)

Room in a house share - £600/m
1 Bed flat - £1100/m
2 Bed flat - £1400/m
3 Bed flat - £1600/m
3 bed house - £1750/m

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First listings I found, average properties:



:woozy_face: its not a posh part of town, could conceivably be described as gentrifying


One bed in shared anywhere from £550 to £800 plus

One bed - circa £1000

Two bed - £1250+

It can massively vary though - If you’re prepared to live in Patcham, Coldean or Bevendean you can pay a lot less

I reckon £1500 is probably more accurate

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Yeah, we didn’t manage to find anything comparable to the two bed place we were renting that was less than about £1400, but we were being a bit picky because that place was a good size and location (albeit in pretty poor condition).

I’m talking from a ridiculously small sample of “people I know who’ve also told me how much rent they pay”

Scary figures in this thread. The world’s fucked.