Rental subthread - on average what does it cost to rent:

Caterham (Zone 6, but not in a London Borough)

Room £600
1 bed flat £850
3 bed house £1400

Cardiff (up itself bit of the centre of the city) -

Room - £400 pcm
1-bed - £750 pcm
3-bed - £1300 pcm

This is just around my area, and I am lucky to say that we’ve been renting for five years at substantially lower than market value thanks to our landlord being pretty hands-off and us agreeing to longer rental terms.

I kept the geography pretty tight on these averages because Cardiff has quite extreme variation (like most places) and I wanted to give a representative figure for near me.

This as well for Tunbridge Wells, although room is more like £500 probably (not in Zone Anything)

A room f£600
A one bed flat £1,100
A Three Bed House £1,800 - £2,000


HOW MANY OF U WANKERS ONLY HAVE TO PAY 10-19% of ur income on rent?!??! I HATE U ALL!!!


Is that %ages of your take home? My numbers are warped because the mortgage comes out of my account while my other half only worked part time and covered childcare costs.

Tunbridge Wells is far nicer it’s just the easier links to London that pushes Caterham up.

We paid 575 for a 1 bed flat in the city centre. Probably similar for a 3 bed further out. 300 maybe for a room in a share


Enfield (zone 5)

Room: £5 - 600
One bed flat: £1000 - 1100
Three Bed House: £1600

Edinburgh is one of those places where it costs less pm to buy than rent. If I could get a job there and move back in with my girlfriend, if I paid half the mortgage it’d be… about 10% of my takehome. I’d be absolutely coining it in…

£5 seems cheap

Ho ho ho

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Newcastle city centre

Room - probably £400-£500 a month

1 bed - £500 to £750pcm-ish - Cheaper ones tend to be on nightlife streets, more expensive ones on the river. Mine is 650, which is the same as my single room in London was LOL (and I got it down, it was listed for £675)

3 bed - No idea. You don’t see many, most flats are 1/2 bed new builds. There are some that come up in this incredible converted warehouse building near mine but they’re always like £2000pcm, it seems to be a micro-market to itself. Hey, here’s a two bed for £1750pcm!

BS6 Bristol

Room - £475 to £600
1 bed property - £800 to £1,000
3 bed property - £1,450 to £1,700

Surprised to find any 3 beds at all as the majority of houses round here are old town houses that have either been split into four 1-2 beds for “young professionals” or turned into 20 bed student death holes.

RG30 Reading:

Room - £550
1 bed - £731
3 Bed - £1,230

North Bristol suburbs here, but prices are much the same. £600+ for a room in a shared house is crazy, isn’t it? My mortgage on a three bed house isn’t that much more than that.