Renting Property Thread (Pro Bono legal advice, chat, no polls)

Going to have to threaten our last landlord with legal action as she’s witholding money we overpaid for rent plus deposit money with no receipts or proof of damage etc.

Is it all basically kosher if we send her a letter saying pay up or we’re going to the feds, or is that blackmail or something?

Did the landlord protect your deposit when you signed up?

I live in Spain, so landlords are not obliged to enter into a deposit protection scheme.

Ah balls, of course

basically just wanna know if threatening someone with legal action is fine, or could they call the cops and throw us in jail for that?

Nah as long as it’s broadly reasonable (which it is) then you should be okay. In the UK you could end up with a cost order against you for a vexatious claim but you sound like you have reasonable grounds.

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Asking English people about Spanish legal advice might not be ideal. As a Scot I say go for it.


I guess its more of an ‘in general’ question. people are suing each other all the time here, so I guess its standard practice to an extent.

All landlords are fucking scum, by the way. absolutely no exceptions.



You can threaten legal action against anyone. I threaten legal action against anyone in this thread.

Section 70 of the UK Patents Act 1977 says otherwise m8

don’t go threatening folk with patent infringement actions


Always knew prof was dodgy

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it’s loads dodgier than in the UK, not just in this particular field, which is why I want to be as cautious as possible about this. If she has mates in the police or guardia civil, or even someone at the town hall, I know we’d be in big trouble.

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I mean, I doubt we’ll go through with it because of the reasons above, and because my two housemates aren’t citizens, but I supposed most countries in the EU must share some common legal similarities when it comes to this. as I said, ‘denouncing’ institutions is very common practice here, but i’ve heard about it going horribly wrong for foreign nationals.

good timing, let’s keep this thread rolling

being charged £420 to renew a contract is bullshit, right? no way they can justify that

this is me moving into a new property but the other tenants have lived there for 6 months or longer

they also want £60 to do a reference check which again is bollocks but if it was only that i’d live with it

been renting since leaving uni.

fucking mugs game innit?