Renting shit

Barely read the article but I did read the headline.

What would you like to rent? Would you like to live in an empty box and then every morning get delivered what you need for that day only to have it all taken away again when you get into bed (you could rent your bed for a longer period of time)?

We rented our television in my mum’s house until something ridiculous like 1998. Probably could have paid for about 10 TVs in that time.

I have nothing further to add.

rented a tuxedo once

I just wear a (unrented) black suit to our annual awards do. Fuck 'em.


Some people rent cars

feels like a lot of admin involved here

I guess I sort of do.

Do you go everywhere in a Zipcar?

You could rent someone to do your admin.

My car is sort of leased. Is that sort of renting?

I currently rent a dishwasher. It would have been cheaper to buy one by now, but we only intended to stay in this house for about a year.

It’s been four years now.

Yeah basically

Don’t really know what “leased” or “leasehold” is

My company give me money with which I get a car which I can keep for a maximum of three years unless I pay the lot off.

Why don’t they just buy the car and then you use it but it belongs to them?

I can do it that way as well sort of but this way I maximise my $$$

You’re a shrewd businessman.

(What other things are described as shrewd?)


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Once when playing charades or whatever with one of my stupidest friends he had to act out being a “shrew” and he flapped his arms as if they were wings as he thought shrews were winged animals.

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