Replies aren't working properly

If i reply to a post sometimes it doesn’t show up as a reply to that post. And you can’t see a reply chain. Think this only started happening today. Doesn’t seem to affect notifications.

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Yes! Hadn’t noticed this before but happened a few times on mobile yesterday (i.e. earlier today UK time).

I’m just reading the daily thread right now and this memo confirms that the mod squad are already aware of the situation:

Wednesday thread - #133 by plasticniki

Have replies been fixed in the future yet, ma0sm?

EDIT: this post **was** a reply to ma0sm and as you can see it doesn't look like it is.

Let’s find out

something something DiStopian future

The broken replies makes me feel like this whole thread is now the pair of us going out of our way not to speak to each other.

“THEO, please tell COWCOW that the site is STILL BROKEN!”

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THEO, please tell MA0SM that i find it somewhat amusing that the discourse reply function, which was the best compromise to nested replies on olddis, NOW DOESN’T WORK SOMETIMES!

Theo can you PLEASE LET COWCOW know that I am already FULLY AWARE of the problems with the reply system and have mentioned it on the boards MULTIPLE TIMES :rage:

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wouldn’t be a DiS forum if the reply system didn’t find a way to fuck itself up.

This is just newDiS threadsmash.

Actually, I’m thinking that the reply link only shows if it’s a reply to post earlier in the thread. If the reply is immediately below the post you’re replying to, it doesn’t show the reply link.

First test has produced results supporting the hypothesis:

NB: this post was a reply to the post (by me) immediately preceding it. Note the lack of reply link.

This post is a reply to the same post as my last post, but that post to which I am replying is now no longer the one immediately preceding this one. I suspect that a reply link will show.

Edit: Huzzah!

it’s all @sean’s fault!

Yeah the forum’s fucked. Back to the old one?

I think it doesn’t show if it’s a reply to the post directly above.

Have unticked all the boxes.

When post quotes reply.
When forums attack.

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Ahh was this the cause of all the confusion? Everything is back to normal now, thanks sean :relaxed: :anchor:

You’d cringe at what i just spent three minutes working on, only to ultimately abandon