Replies - Mobile view

When reading a thread and more specifically a post that’s a reply, i can click the top right icon of that post, which will bring me to the original post.
I find this a bit weird, especially if the original post is old and I’m taken back to the top of a long thread.

Is there another way to see the original post?

Might be the top banner bit.

Can you screenshot? What Theme are you using under preferences? The ones that aren’t Default have an extra check box at the bottom of the options bit.

Using the default theme.
Below is a screenshot with an example of what i mean.
The post from thesewoodenideas is a reply to another post.
If i wanna read which post he replied to the only way i can find is to click the reply-arrow-icon. But that will scroll me all the way back to that post.

It’s nog big deal once or twice, but trying to read up on old threads and going back/forth is a bit annoying.


There’s meant to be a blue ‘back’ button at the bottom but you’re right I haven’t seen that recently either.

Is this something to do with one of these settings?

Think i saw it now actually. Makes it much easier.
I guess it’s the solution they’re discussing below.

Not sure, those might be something else. Global Admin settings i guess? Can’t find them at my settings.

Damn, it’s gone again. Seems to appear a bit randomly when scrolling.
Anyone else having trouble with that back button?

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Which theme are you using? Wondering if it’s related to that or maybe something to do with adverts?!

I’m not sure but I’ve seen a couple of times on mobile that it wasn’t there. But I can’t ever recreate it so it can’t really be reported.