Replies are kind of weird. They appear as both a new entry on the thread, AND underneath the entry they’re replying to. Is there a way to just see them as a contextual message underneath the message they are replying too? Kind of makes for a disjointed experience scrolling down the page and seeing messages that make no sense out of context.


No, is the quick answer.

It might be possible to use CSS to rearrange them nested like on DiS or to ‘fork’ the code to do this but it’s not easy to make this display work. Think how DiS would crush everything off to the side on big discussions.

What happens is that posts have ‘reply to’ link on them if you reply to a post directly and then you can click that to see the posts in the chain appear above it. suggests something that lets you just see individual reply chains but one of the problems with that is that this form of view makes it even easier for people to ‘reply in the wrong place’ and so you might lose part of the conversation.

One thing that can help is clicking the first icon on the list above the posting box (before the B bold button) to insert the text of the message you are replying to:


Hmm. After giving it some time, i’m not sold on this format, personally. Makes for a very disjointed experience reading down a thread. I think I preferred the old ‘crushing’ method. At least that way I got context on which conversation I was reading.

But hey ho. It’s a small thing.




test two


test three


test four


test five


finall test


Did you pass?