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OK, it’s about time that Reply All had its own thread, gem of a podcast that it is.

In an hour there’s a live call-in thing happening, anyone checking it out?

For those who don’t know what it is, it started as a tech podcast, but has become so so much more than that.

If you’re looking for good episodes to start with, here are some I’d recommend:

Long Distance (101 & 102)
The Case Of The Missing Hit (158)
INVCEL (120)
Today’s The Day (36)
The Cathedral (50)


Not sure which one of the hosts it is but one of them has a superb laugh.

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The Case of The Missing Hit has been hyped loads - and it is really good.

That… fucking… song…

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Anyone ever listened to the podcast they did before it, TLDR?

I haven’t yet, partly because as good as it is now, the first 10-15 episodes were just “alright”. It felt like when they started to realise they could really push the boundaries of what could be included in the podcast that it got more interesting. I will probably give it a go soon though.

The episode The Bitcoin Hunter is good fun too. A little bit drier but very interesting (especially if you have some familiarity with bitcoin).

Basically a woman buys bitcoin when it was cheap, forgets about it, then realises it could be worth hundreds of thousands… but she doesn’t remember the password.


The first episode of Long Distance is superb. I think I listened to it twice in a row when it aired, I enjoyed it so much.

The latest 99% Invisible has a very fun nod to it.

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