Reply box clicks register in the wrong place or something?

The site is borderline unusable on chrome for my Samsung android phone

Seriously, might take 6 or 7 refreshes of a page, closing tabs, opening new ones etc. before I can finally post a reply. Discourse should seriously be addressing this

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this is properly fucking annoying, please fix it :frowning:


huh, thought my phone was fucked

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Seems the problem is recreating it.

The site’s becoming unusable at times for me. I’ve just spent twenty minutes refreshing a page and opening new tabs to make a post. It was a bloody great post as well. Maybe one of the greatest of all time.

For me it seems to specifically be when you start a post, move to another tab and go back, in android mobile. It’s like the dialogue box forgets its position. Maybe it’s something to do with the pop-up keyboards on mobile devices. Is anybody experiencing this on, say, a PC or laptop?

Just adding my voice to people saying that this is a pain in the arse

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Just this minute started being an issue for me too

I’ve been getting around this by closing Chrome and reopening it when this happens. Can’t remember who suggested that, but: cheers.

Yeah it is ballbags on my phone (Chrome, Oreo, One+ 3). Have to go onto a computer to post my post and clear what is on me blower, isn’t it not?

The bug is with Chromium apparently, which is why Discourse have been unable to turnaround a fix particularly quickly.

Last update was four days ago from the dev saying that they still haven’t been able to fix it yet.

This is at the least every other reply for me now. Freaking my nut


Getting silly now. Has happened 3 times in the past 10 mins (chrome, android 7.0 Nougat, Moto G5 plus). Only sorted with a page refresh or closing and reopening chrome

Fixed now, but won’t be rolled out for approx 10 weeks apparently

God damn Fling Boosting


how do i get chrome 68 theo help me

Use Chrome Beta app instead of Chrome

I’m on Chrome 68, and haven’t experienced this since.