Reply box doing a little dance up and down

anyone else getting this? chrome on win10

Not happening on my mobile Android

I get it from time to time. Seems to bounce with every character typed, usually on Firefox


also get it on chrome on win 10

no pattern to the timing of it happening

This sounds quite good. Can I request it as a feature?


Only if it’s in time to the In Da Club backing music, though

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I’m not sure if I’m having the same problem but twice recently the reply box has gone weird and touching it cause topics in main window to scroll, then abandon and reply button won’t work so I’m stuck. Can sometimes get out of this issue by closing tab and reopening and abandoning post. Pain in the arse. Using Chrome on a spiffing android phone.

The reply box keeps failing for me in Android, sort of locks me out and I have to kill Chrome.

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Can you fix it? (Bob the builder emoji)

Have some of the minor changes I’ve made in the last few days fixed this?

Just had a thought on this, do the people who’ve seen this happen use the Chrome plugin Grammarly?

Does it happen when the window is maximised?

I’ve not had it in a while now


on mobile i keep getting this thing where i type a message but can’t post it as the post button doesn’t work, but neither does the discard button. i already know no one really cares what i post.

what i’ve deduced is that where you touch on the touchscreen registers about a centimetre down from where the actual thing is. so if i touch on my message it’ll select the italics or quote button or something.

does anyone else get this?

i’d say it’s quite possibly the most annoying thing in my life at this moment.

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That one is covered in this thread

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thanks very much kind sir. have you ever thought about working here?

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