Replying Ant day (bit like flying ant day)

lets all make extra effort to reply to Ant’s posts today :slight_smile:


Even that rook joke in the CRJ thread?

if you like

Usually does feel quite the effort tbh


Ant is in a lot of meetings at work these days, meaning it takes a while for him to respond to me when I message him pretending to have an opinion that I don’t actually believe in to irk him. A great shame.

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Hello my friends x

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Hello Ant. How did you enjoy Manchester United’s victory at the weekend?

I found it a very bad game of football I’m afraid and my main emotion was “relief” rather than “enjoyment”

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hiya :wave:
how’s the health?

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Hi Shrewbs,

My health is largely okay thank you. I have a slight pain in my right, big toenail but nothing too bad really.

I hope that you are having an exciting time today.


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Hello my friend, I hope you’re having a gorgeous afternoon so far

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And you

I’m mainly just taking a wee lunch break currently. Eating some Pringles and listening to some music.

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Thanks for keeping us updated :blush: