Replying Ant day (bit like flying ant day)

Of course! I’d hate to think that any of my community friends weren’t updated!

hi ant

i am replying to you

alex h.

Hello Erix, it’s nice to see you!

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I’m having a really decent day.
good luck with the toenail x



Thank you Shrewbie, I can’t tell you how glad I am to hear of your decent day

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What a fuckin’ film, man

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tone ail

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Nice post


thank you!

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Hello Smee!

How r u


Okay thank you Smee, we’ve spoken a bit about my toenail already. What will you do this evening between the hours of 1830 and 2045 do you think?

Probably the most regimented and unchanging portion of my day, every day.

18:30 - dinner on table
18:50 - cup of tea / pretend to be a diplodocus or blue whale.
19:15 - start bed time
19:45 - tidy and clean kitchen
20:30-20:45 - free time

Would you like to play

Go on then!

I’m concerned about the amount of time it’s taking you to clean and tidy your kitchen every day.

Me too

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