Replying to more than one person at once?

Is this possible to implement? I’d make replying less cluttered imo
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Probably not possible as a straight mechanic.

What I do is reply on the first post, hit the quote button, copy the output then cancel that reply and reply to the other post an paste in the quote. I think this notifies both parties too but you may want to @ whoever you’re not directly replying to.

…eheebd an

You can quote multiple posts in one reply and it will notify the quotees, appear as a reply in the original posts’ thread and whatnot

EDIT: i’m not 100% about the notifying so theo will have to tell me if he was notified about this

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So the way to reply to more than one person is to quote them?



I was notified of a reply once but you replied to me below that properly so I’m not sure.

hello pinky

hello theo

yes it is

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Nice. Works




I’ll remember this, will stop my spammy replies
cheers guys :slight_smile:

i was notified of ^this post when i logged in

but not ^this?

Could just tag the relevant people- does this work

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I hope the relevant question has been answered @anon35600300 @cowcow @ericthefourth @Icarus-Smicarus