Reproductive rights (including Repeal the 8th)

basically a majority of the Supreme Court has said they think the law in Northern Ireland in its current form is incompatible with the European convention on human rights (Article 8 - but only a minority consider it incompatible with Article 3). havent had time to read this yet but it appears there was an issue with locus standi/ standing (it was brought by a human rights group not an individual). there could be another case brought by an individual which would require the court to engage with the declaration of incompatibility issue.

full judgement here if anyone has the time

Don’t have the time to read all the stuff I wanna read on here. But I’ve had this thread sitting there in a tab for a catch-up. Props to IcSmic and others for the commentary.

This, though, was quite the finale:

Lovely work, there, OGB.


Noticias terribles desde Argentina. :frowning:

Fuck. This is awful.

The world’s just full of slimeballs with ridiculous levels of power isn’t it
Amazing but also gutting that they managed to get so close to getting it passed

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This is really upsetting but I’m kind of not surprised. I only know one person in Argentina who vocally supported legalisation and a lot more who are anti-abortion. Outside Buenos Aires and the more liberal cities, there are a lot of people with quite backward views. Hopefully though now the ball is rolling it’s only a matter of time before legalisation gets raised again.

Doesn’t bode well for pro-choice legislation in the rest of Latin America. The stories from Paraguay break my heart.

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political and religious leaders torture children


That is beyond grim. How can people do that to a child? And how can people even support that? Fucking inhuman.

I know this is old but fucking hell!

Absolutely horrendous.

The baby has died and this child’s life has now been destroyed three times

From what I can understand (don’t know much about Argentinian law or who is pressing charges), the latest update on this is that the doctors who performed the caesarean section on the girl are being charged with aggravated homicide as people believe they killed the baby?! There’s this insidious argument of “saving both lives” that the anti-choicers use that they’re now employing as a stick to beat the doctors with because the baby died. Makes my blood fucking boil.

Getting info from Tucumán from friends (my aunt lives there and I taught English there for a couple of months) and it’s heartening that there are people starting to protest this stuff as it’s a very conservative city. I hope things are starting to change because this can’t keep happening.

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my colleague is actually an Argentinian lawyer and reproductive rights campaigner, will ask her if she has more info

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Opponents predict the legislation will drive doctors to leave Alabama, which already has some of the highest rates of infant mortality and cervical cancer.

This is horrendous

it’s absolutely abhorrent.

There was piece on C4 news yesterday evening. Totally grim watching

Westminster just voted in an amendment to a bill to extend abortion rights to the North really suddenly, incredible stuff!

(I think it can still be stalled by Stormont if it’s back sitting in the next three months but that doesn’t look likely)


Fucking delighted.