Reproductive rights (including Repeal the 8th)


This always seems more to do with control, and sex - than it does about the politics of reproduction even. It’s inherently misogynistic and it seems like the ulterior motive (if not exterior) seems to always be about slut shaming / putting women in jeopardy for daring to be sexually active at any time in their lives.


the more i think about it the less it makes sense. i get that healthcare is devolved, but why shouldnt women from NI have the same right to access to healthcare as rUK? if im in wales or scotland or NI, wouldnt i have the same right to access healthcare as if im in england? god the more i think about it the stupider it seems


Of course it has to be timed as to not coincide with the papal visit, wouldn’t want those to clash would we.

I’m really, really wary about what wording this could have. I don’t trust Varadker or his government at all.


So, if I understand this correctly - I, as an EU citizen, can travel to any EU country & recieve the same health rights as any other citizen of that country - but, because someone travelling from NI to England/Wales/Scotland is not crossing state-to-state, internal rather than EU jurisdiction applies?


ah ok, I see what you mean. No, it’s about where you are resident. If you are travelling for the express purpose of getting health care (as in this case), you don’t get it on the same terms as EU citizens who are habitually resident there. like women from other EU countries cant always get health care in the UK but they’re not necessarily always going to check.


Here’s 2016 Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey results on attitude to abortions

seems like people want a change in the law but I don’t even think there’s an appetite to extend the 1967 act sadly.


Great, let’s force women to have Children they don’t want. I can’t see anything reprehensible about that at all.


That’s fucking terrifying


Not sure what’s to be done about it. The largest parties only support abortion in the case of FFA/sexual crimes, if they support abortion at all. Only the Green Party favours full decriminalisation, and they have 2 MLAs.


sometimes I think it’s not the laws that are fucked but that the people the laws represent

then I remember the laws are fucked too

doesn’t feel like 2017


It’s one of those situations like the death penalty, where most people would support it but it’s illegal because it’s medieval. The world is a strange place to be.


Yes, it is. Women are frequently prosecuted for obtaining abortions in Northern Ireland (e.g. by buying abortion pills online). Recently there were police raids on women’s homes in Belfast in an attempt to find concealed abortion pills.

It is terrifying. Northern Irish women are UK tax-payers but they can’t access the same treatment, and indeed, the same dignity as their English counterparts. There have been accounts of irish women bleeding out on the floors of airports in England because they’ve been forced to travel for an abortion but haven’t had enough money for a place to stay. It makes me so furious and ashamed of my home country. The political system in Northern Ireland is too polarised and sluggish to be fit for purpose, imo (no wonder NI hasn’t had a government for months now…) People use women’s lives to score cheap political points, and change is slow. Something has to change, and soon.


Jesus Christ - I was under the impression it wasnt supported (through it being free) and that it was a massive social taboo rather than outright illegal

It’s not clear on anything I’ve skim read since this popped up over the past couple of days, so thanks for replying



Right, i get it.

Thanks for the clarification


yeah this happened to a friend of a friend a while ago. she was reported to the police by her own housemates.


fuuuuuuuuuucking hell :confounded:


Was that the lady mentioned in all the articles when the story broke? Fuuuuck.


yeah, i don’t know them at all but my friend was telling me she knows the girl and about what happened


This is worth putting out there as well. Though it’s not the solution there are safe options within NI. I believe that women seeking these pills are also able to talk to a doctor online.

What happened to the woman reported by her housemates was ridiculous, and the reporting on it was awful.