Reproductive rights (including Repeal the 8th)


God, that’s so horrible. That poor woman. Really, really hope she’s okay.


At end add ‘but respectfully regret that measures to address the inequality in treatment of women from Northern Ireland with regard to healthcare provision were not included in the Gracious Speech; recognise that the UK currently provides funding for access to healthcare services including abortion to residents of other nations as part of its international development work; note that women from Northern Ireland have no choice but to travel to England for abortion services and face serious difficulties in doing so, and as such the current position risks the continuation of an unwanted pregnancy which may cause distress or illness to the patient concerned purely on the basis of her place of residence within the UK rather than any medical requirements; therefore call on the Government to clarify, if necessary by legislating, that under section 1(1)(a) of the National Health Service Act 2006 it is a requirement on the Secretary of State for Health to prevent illness among those who wish to end an unwanted pregnancy, who are UK taxpayers, by providing such services; and call on the Government to ensure the provision of adequate funding and guidance so that all UK citizens including those from Northern Ireland may access medical services including abortion procedures in England if they so wish without charge, and that such provision does not interfere with decisions made by the Northern Ireland Assembly with regard to the provision of such services in Northern Ireland.’.



And it takes self interest to make the situation even slightly better


not linking to the article i found cos it’s fucked up but jesus christ look at this:

“We tried so hard to support her when she told us about the pregnancy but it made me so angry when she kept calling it ‘the pest’. Then, after the abortion, she showed no remorse. It was so weird the way she reacted to what had happened,” said the woman.

puritanical view of how much guilt a woman should show for her jezebel ways.

anyone remember the story about the women in their 60s/70s who protested the abortion laws by getting some of those pills and taking them, and still got nicked even though they can’t have kids? was inspiring/insane/scary in equal measure.


Amazing news today. I’m surprised and delighted. Obviously we still have a lot of work to do and it’s important we keep the pressure on Stormont - but this is an excellent step in the right direction.


Btw if anyone feels INSPIRED and is in that London and would like to come to some London-Irish ARC events with me, drop me a message!


Scottish one just been set up too


nothing to do with NI but :confused:


I know that Warped Tour aren’t directly responsible for this but I really hate how people are latching onto groups like these as if they’re representing some sort of counter cultural moment when in fact they’re just entirely regressive.


Surely, surely this will go the right way…


It’s somewhat heartening that this made it to the NYT:

Buuuuuuuutttt… knowing full well NI’s voting record I – sadly – don’t think anything meaningful will come to pass in our ass-backwards, stuck-in-medieveal-times, purgatorial region.


Hopefully, it will get passed, but depending on how they word the question, do you think it will get caught up in legal purgatory (either intended or not)? I was thinking if the question was something like “Do you think abortion should be made legal?” then the definition of it might get caught up in the courts, as arguments continued.


Do you mean in NI or ROI? In ROI, the question will likely be “Do you support the repeal of the eighth amendment to the constitution” or similar, the eighth amendment being what gives equal rights to the life of the unborn. If that’s the case, I think the legal standing will be pretty cut and dry, as the constitution trumps all. The problem is then that it’s up to the Dáil/parliament to legislate, and they’re a pretty damn conservative bunch, so access will still probably be heavily restricted.


Sorry, I meant in ROI. That’s a good point. I agree that the folks in the Dail are conservative for sure. I just think that they will almost try and keep kicking it down the road to see if they can not do anything about it until the next election. I almost feel like no Government wants to be the one responsible for abortion to be legalised.


Yeah exactly. Heard someone mention the fact that there could be an election in the next six months, and in that case they’re likely to postpone the vote even further


Yeah, there’s been rumors of it, which is a bit odd, considering Leo only came in a few months ago. I thought he would want a good run of it.




couple of big names on here too in among the irish bands (shame LVL UP are in there in retrospect but at least they’re not getting any money from it)


What’s the problem with LVL UP? Googling isn’t showing any controversies that I can find?