Republicans are the new punk


Leftism is a mental disorder
Right wing banksy

Fucking hell, where to start?


Probably by ignoring it


cunt doesn’t believe in anything he’s just trying to flog a few t-shirts


Well he definitely seems like the kind of sensible, well-adjusted man I’d expect the US Marine Core to spit out…


Not sure where to start but I stopped reading when I got to “fuck peace”. That’s… silly


Guy seems like a massive attention seeker.


christ, the only thing worse than banksy would be a ‘right wing’ banksy


yeah eric you TWAT!


Great way to solve problems tbf


i mean… commoditised faux-anarchy to appeal to extremely rich people and middle-class hipsters… Banksy kind of IS right wing


very good point xylo


he’s pretty much what I’d imagine one of the posters from the_donald would be like IRL


A right wing @banks would probably still manage to be a great bunch of lad, tbh.


When they’re just publicity trolls you’re darn right it is!


His hotel on the West Bank is all kinds of bleak