Requests to the powers that be

When selling breads such as the baguette please place them in a bag that is sealed at both ends saving on crumbs in my bag if I put it in the wrong way up.

Sell baguettes in a U-shape so they fit in a bag.


Also, plese stup using that cellophane with holes in it stuff which rips so easily

Set up or stop?

That should have said “please stop” not “plese stup”

idea for a company that manufactures baguette bags: BAG-IT

Bloody EU and their baguette-straightening directives…

Great. Agreed.

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was it a DiS story where a checkout person in a supermarket snapped their baguette in two to fit it in a shopping bag?

one end would be a gd start

Invest in one of these beauties

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I’ve been married for years now


Get on with it, Breadbin!

Really enjoyed this exchange guys

did you know baguettes were made so soldiers could put them in their trousers

Doubled up as a makeshift splint if they broke their leg, too

When did they discover they could also eat them?

you can get a regular loaf down there with perseverance

got it as a reward for all their hardwork