Resident Evil 4 Remake + wider series chat

Gosh, Resident Evil Zero. Keep forgetting about it. The inventory management is the stuff of nightmares in that one.

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Ooh yes pls

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Playing RE1 for the first time in the form of the remake. It’s sort of compelling but also quite boring. None of the enemies so far are really frightening, just sort of annoying barriers that make you go the long way round.

I hope youre playing as Jill. Much easier on first run. And trust me, when Lisa Trevor turns up, shit gets creepy. Also the crimson heads.

Still looks beautiful too for a GameCube game from 2002, even in the HD version. Pre-rendered backgrounds are great.

that’s what i love about those games. more like a point and click puzzle adventure where it’s just like do i wanna waste 20 bullets clearing this hallway or shall i risk it, how often do i need to come back here, etc. does get a bit harder later but it’s so camp that i dunno if it’s evert gonna get super scary. 13 year old me was shit scared of the hunters first time round though :sweat_smile:


yeah, so despite resi 4 being my fave game of all time, i’m def gonna wait for it to come down in price a bit. got a few stag dos coming up as well, and 49 eurolidoos is a bit too much rn. will probs want the deluxe edition too, so makes sense to wait a bit.

I will however be doing another run through this weekend on the steamdeck with the hd project mod, which looks pretty sick tbh.

RE1make escalated the horror with the very real terror of having to redo a deeply tedious passage of pissing about with glass bottles then putting them back in the item box then going on a really long jog with about 20 door cutscenes.

The bit with the shark was pretty cool though.

boo not being dispatched today. want this early. might go into town after work and see if the special shop has it

Leon: something ain’t right with these villagers but I can’t quite put my finger on it.