Resources: Self-guided walking tours for UK places

I was away in Belfast last weekend and found this website, which has loads of self-guided walking tours:

I found it very useful - well written, interesting, and has inbuilt Google maps to show routes rather than static images.

Looks like there are loads for places across the UK so maybe others will find it helpful.

Are there similar websites that you know? Maybe share them below if so.


no but i’m very glad there’s at least one that isn’t built like a geocities website! love the ones where the photos are just like selfies of the people on the walk or just some completely unidentifiable trees and not in any way helpful to actually find your way.

I’ve used this recently, the Shoreham walk I did was great!

It’s pretty badly built but there are Google Maps of the walks plus written descriptions and loads of them are accessible by train if you live in SE London!

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Person I used to work with made this…

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Living in NE London, this has been great. Love following a proper guided route where working out the instructions is half the fun.

Been doing the London Loop and this has been a great help, even has pictures of most of the journey so you don’t get lost!

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Oo think i almost started a similar thread but forgot. Good idea.

Glasgow Womens Library has various ones for different parts of Glasgow

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