Respected users ONLY


this thread is for me, @colon_closed_bracket @Balonz @ma0sm @cowcow and @japes only.


Who do you currently like the most?

Hahaha I was just about to start a very similar thread.


just checking in


Great, respected minds think alike


I like to think that @japes, @cowcow and I would have earned our “Respected” stripes regardless of our work in the ‘DiSers as brands’ thread.








Thought it said bespectacled usrrs


they might not be working


think you’ll find i’m the 5th greatest DiSer


I’m going to talk so much shit about you guys in the secret forum


I would ask the mods to ban all of the unrespected users posting in here. but NONE OF THE MODS ARE RESPECTED!


what the fucking fuck?


What a joke. I probably single handedly nudged you all over the last 20


except @balonz


you can UN-like things can’t you? will that remove their badge?

well I know how I’M going to be spending thursday night. sod picking the kids up from football.


And here was me all happy with the “Appreciated” badge I just got

Not sure I’ve even made 100 posts on the new forum yet


You’ll get here one day bbz don’t worry. But for the time being please leave the thread


Some people really are on here 24/7, eh.