Rest in Peace Vinnie Paul (Pantera, Damageplan)

only 54.

I guess he’s jamming with his brother again, now in heaven.

Ah, that sucks. Always had a soft spot for Pantera after seeing them support Megadeth circa Vulgar Display of Power and they fucking destroyed the place.

Saw them in September 1994 at Brixton Academy a week before starting university.

Simply a stunning, brilliant gig that I can remember well after nearly 24 years.

Brilliant band.

RIP Vinnie Paul.

That’s sad news. Vulgar Display and Far Beyond were probably my two favourite thrash albums back then. Phil being Phil has kind of ruined them somewhat, but i’ll always love the sound of Vinnie Paul pounding those jumbo drum sticks.

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One of my all time favourite drummers. Much like Dimebag, feel that he had a very idiosyncratic style of playing and it shone through on 3 of the best metal records ever made. Seemed like a larger than life character as well. Very sad that he is gone.