restaurant reviews / recommendations

what’s your go-to for recommendations?

(after DiS, of course)

If I’m somewhere I don’t know, and don’t know anyone who lives there, TripAdvisor. Otherwise friends with local knowledge

Friends. In theory anyway, since I don’t have any.

What I would do though.

Not really into restaurants.

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trip advisor is a complete mess isn’t it

yelp is a bit better but it has totally fucked me off recently (hence the thread). whenever you go on the site from a mobile it’s constantly screaming at you to DOWNLOAD THE APP. i don’t want another fucken app meight, i just want a sandwich. they also just tried recommending somewhere that closed down about four years ago…

I have the TripAdvisor app. Its not great but its fine really. Don’t use it much

Actually turns out I no longer have it. Will probably get it again next time I go to a new city

just wait, someone will be along in a minute to recommend some brand new thing that’s WAY better

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Anything with a 90+ score on Ratebeer

I never, ever use tripadvisor or user review sites for restaurants. never found them to be a great indicator of quality, and its generally places in high tourist volume areas that get the best reviews on there rather than the actual best places.

i always ask locally if i’m in a new place.

London Eater

And Hot Dinners


totally agree.

when you go on a review site and a mcdonalds is on the top 5 recommended places

who is reviewing mcdonalds for a fuckin start. what is wrong with people.

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salvo’s in headingley, leeds. wonderful vibe, lovely staff, great food. 4.5 stars.

have never found a good restaurant in london, it’s weird.

Food- Trip advisor/google look at customer pics of the food.

Beer- Untappd recent check ins

Do you mean Salvo’s?

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This guy is good


I just ask sadpunk.

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He goes there that often he gets to just call him Sal

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His N S E W value list is a thing of joy. (Needs to stop giving away all the cool places tho)