Restaurants with table service but you’re expected to pay at the register when done

How do you know?!! Sometimes you’re just sitting there ages and looking around to see if anyone else is getting up to pay when done or if someone’s bringing them a bill, and you’re not sure you should get up and try to pay because the staff may think you’re impatient but you’ve really been there a while and the service was prompt otherwise so are they just expecting me to go up and pay? I don’t know! But I’m wasting time here, I’m very done with my meal and have other places to go. Usually it’s casual places like Mexican, Vietnamese, Chinese, etc. restaurants but if I should pay at the counter and there’s table service that’s just very confusing and they should tell you or put up a sign.

I just get up all the time nowadays, life’s too short to wait for the “can we have the bill?” dance


Indeed it is.

I got up and paid as soon as I posted the thread. Figured it took long enough to type that out on my phone and I’d already waited long enough.

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Always leave without paying these days, life’s too short


I just bypass the meal and cut straight to the bill. Hugely improved my life when i realised it was possible


Has this section always been at the top?

Come again?