Resting anxious face

Recently been realising how I kind of look anxious all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I am an anxious type and there’s a lot to be anxious about, but even if I’m just chilling I look like I’m expecting to be kicked or something. Wondering if you can train your facial muscles to look a bit more relaxed or approachable or if there’s any tips or anyone who feels that they maybe have a similar thing going on.

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Hi yes me. Get told it all the time. I am an anxious person at times, but still told I need to “stop looking so worried” when I’m feeling totally fine. I was even once told by someone “we need to do something about your face”.

Imho you don’t need to change anything, everyone else just needs to stop being so rude.


Old college lecturer used to call me the smirker before she got to know me. I do not believe i have an ever present smirk.

Maybe it was because i had a wee crush on her.

imagine thinking it was okay to say that to someone, even in a jokey way. sorry that happened to you pal


Not quite the same but I have resting sad face apparently. Which seems ridiculous really cause the vast majority of the time when I’m staring into space I’m thinking about, like, the coco pops monkey or something.

Do quite enjoy when horrible men will try and chat me up by being like “wow, you have such sad eyes :smirk:” and I’ll just hiss back “everyone is dead” and they tend to scuttle away


I noticed in amongst the scattering of photos of me from my 20s that I tended to look anxious/pained

I mean, I was, but yes, noticeably so


I’ve got resting sexy face