Restless legs

Does anyone else constantly shake and bounce their legs when sitting?

I do it a lot, because i enjoy it and can feel uneasy if i try and stop myself - but it often annoys my co-workers and co-sofa sitters.

I do do this. I also sometimes wake myself up because my leg twitches really violently from time to time.

yeah i do it an awful lot, everyone that has spent any time with me has commented that it irriates them, especially tvs

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i also click my pen an awful lot in work, i hadn’t noticed till one of my colleagues pointed this out and everyone agreed. i order in a particluar pen now cos i like the click/action it makes

No but the cunt I was sitting next to at a conference last week fucking did. Shook the whole row.

Can’t say I’ve noticed, but I have recently found out that it’s IMPOSSIBLE for me to stay still if I’m on the phone. I have to walk around, no idea why.

I got really excited when I saw the thread title because I thought it would be a thread about what I have, which is when your legs start twitching (involuntarily) when you sit still for too long (ie. trains/flights etc) or when you’re tired and stuff. But it’s just a bunch of people shaking their legs!? I am disappoint.

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yeah me to, often if folk phone my landline at work i transfer it to my mobile so i can walk about.

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Think Ant is living with both issues.

Hope you understand that the shaking is mostly unconscious and not premeditated :runner:

Bad case of the twitchies here now mates

For those of you with twitchy legs, have you found any trick or remedy that actually soothes it for you? I’m physically active every day and try a little stretch now and then which soothes it just while I’m doing it and then back to square one.

Should probably get back in the magnesium pills