Retail Price Thread

What’s the most you have paid for:

  • a bottle of water
  • a beer / glass of wine
  • a coffee
  • an item of clothing
  • a sandwich
  • a slice of toast
  • a gig ticket
  • a record/album/cd/single/whatever

Pick one or more from the list and tell us the back-story

£200 for a ticket to watch MGMT at Heaven years back. Bought a ticket from a tout so I could woo a girl who was going. We ended up going out for a short while after.

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A bottle of water - Dunno
A beer/glass of wine- Paid for paired wines at a Michelin star place years ago so lots, waste of money
A coffee - Dunno
An item of clothing - Got a 1997 AC Milan shirt recently which should have been £80 or something but I got a 3rd off
A sandwich - Dunno
A slice of toast - Dunno
A gig ticket - £80 for Kendrick next year
A record - £75 or something for Mos Def - The Ecstatic on vinyl

Value for money?

Yeah, no regrets

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Not strictly on brief but fuck it. Was on holiday in the south of France a couple of years ago. Went to the beach. After the beach was a bit thirsty so stopped off at the bar next door. Ordered a couple of Coca-Cola’s. Came out - 250ml bottle + glass with ice each. Fair enough.

Boshed them down, got the bill. €12.60.


You were thirsty though tbf

Yeah was on honeymoon too so was kind of in a blank cheque state of mind, y’know?

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Tom waits was approx £95, I went both nights

MGMT covering Robbie Williams? sounds intriguing

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water - probably something like 5 euros at benicassim in 2008.
beer - 8 quid for a pint at stormbird a few years ago. tasted like sewage ofc.
clothing - 200 notes on some chelsea boots … 4 years ago
gig ticket - not including festivals, probably Unleash the Bats in 2008.
record - think about 25 quid on a butthole surfers vinyl at rough trade years ago.

Had a 2/3 of the Cloudwater DIPA v13 on tap for (I think) £9. It was very, very good beer but I think that’s too much money for any beer really

that I can definitely put a figure on:

a beer / glass of wine - £11 in Dubai airport inc. currency conversion charge. It was Heineken H41 (wild yeast or something) and yes it was worth it (i bought 3)

a gig ticket - Kraftwerk in Liverpool £75

a record/album/cd/single/whatever : Prince of Denmark - 8, cost 110 euro inc. postage

  • A bottle of water - probably £5 at some club some time
  • A beer / glass of wine - £10 for a glass of wine at the theatre
  • A coffee - prolly around £5 in a restaurant (alcoholic coffees excluded)
  • An item of clothing - £220 for my cashmere trench coat. Had it over 15 years though :smiley:
  • A sandwich - about £10 at that famous open sandwich place in Copenhagen
  • A slice of toast - single slice? Not sure I’ve ever paid more than 50p
  • A gig ticket - £200 from a tout for Tom Waits at Hammersmith Apollo. Worth every penny :sunglasses:
  • A record/album/cd/single/whatever - £30 for my vinyl copy of the Flash :cloud_with_lightning: Gordon soundtrack (secondhand)
  • a beer / glass of wine
    About $60 for a special bottle of beer when i was in torst
    About £25 for a bottle from a shop in the uk

  • an item of clothing
    £500 on a coat

  • A gig ticket
    £125 for Drake

9 quid for literal liquid.

fucks sake.

Wasn’t even in London!

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a bottle of water - no idea
a beer / glass of wine - would be some wanky craft beer. Think I paid quite a lot for a Cloudwater / Brewdog Dipa collab thing. Maybe £9
a coffee - dunno
an item of clothing - Redwing boots. £220 approx
a sandwich - cuban sandwhich, about £8. But it was a hot sandwich and delicious so worth it
a slice of toast - don’t think I’ve ever bought toast that wasn’t part of a full english or something
a gig ticket - Kraftwerk i think, Was about £65
a record/album/cd/single/whatevern- £50 for a mono 2nd pressing of Revolver

I would have handed over €5 and walked away.

bought so many CDs on back order or import from Our Price in eastleigh for about £16.99 a pop