Retail Price Thread

Most of my food and drink things would be in Oslo.

I think the most for a beer was about £12 and it was just a standard pint of something i dunno

I don’t generally remember the price of things. I did get a vegan pizza for one in Iceland for £25 tho which i’ll remember.

£100 to see The Police at Twickenham. I was a last minute stand-in after a friend’s wife could not make it. Excellent gig.

That same friend was given permission by wife to raid the family savings and spend £1000 to see The Rolling Stones 50th anniversary shows on both nights. £500 per ticket.

£dunno, it’s only money innit.

Except the beer one was almost certainly that awful pumpkin spice saison I got at a Fenino then offered to the table because it was bogging.

Really enjoy it when people spend a lot of money on a very bad beer then spend the duration talking about how good it is and trying to offer a sip to everyone around them so they don’t have to drink all of it


Stella then?

I think my wince on the first sip gave me away.

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why I oughtta!

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Icelands usually cheap

Or has Kerry Katona been lying to me

My brother bought a bottle of this, and tried to convince himself it was good

It’s meant to taste like a lemon topped raspberry doughnut, it’s fucking garbage (obviously)



Fucking hell, I normally get the £1.50 onoh I see.



Beer - £15 for a pint in a brewery in Flamm, Norway.

It was one of the greatest pints I ever had. A thick dark stout while sat by an open fire reading a book about Black Metal.


Some of them are actually quite nice

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Came out at the right time so I treated myself to a birthday/xmas present. Glad I didn’t sleep on it as it sells for more than twice what I paid for it now. Now he has left giegling I dunno if they’ll ever repress it, or his other records/12"s
It is brilliant, definitely one of my favourite records/collections.

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Only really need to look at that bottle to know

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I’ve had that, I liked it

  • €4.00 at Electric Picnic one year.
  • €8.50 for a pint of Kronenbourg 1664 in Paris in November 2015. I had an hour to burn before the train to CDG and went to a bar in the city centre LIKE A FOOL. Never doing that again.
  • Not a coffee drinker m9.
  • €90+ for a winter coat last year.
  • €5.00 max. Not on SandwichBook anymore.
  • £6.00.
  • €230 on three Bob Dylan tickets so I could bring an ex and her Mam.
  • €110 on the boxset of Air’s The Virgin Suicides soundtrack.

You can get around 15 pizzas for that sort of cash in my local Iceland.

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Iceland is both the name of a country and a frozen food retailer.