Retirement gift ideas

My dear ol’ Ma’s 65 on the weekend, retiring at Xmas, what sort of thing do people get for retirement birthdays - or should I just steer clear and get usual birthday stuff?
I’m thinking of getting a :bike: to help her keep active but probably for Xmas, so any ideas for something, y’know - smaller?

National Trust (or similar) membership?


Something about eggs (do owls lay eggs)

Home exercise… stuff? Think i’m gonna buy my dad something like that for xmas.

18-30s holiday giftcard

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Theatre tickets/vouchers, restaurant vouchers, magazine subscription, membership to some charity that sends out magazines. Something crafty?

A book of nice walks?

Pretty much just a list of things I get my mum.

Ohh get her a dog, everyone loves dogs and will have to keep active by taking it on walks. Also, if she doesn’t like it you can keep the dog.


I’m pushing HARD for them to get a doggo, they’ve already said they want me to help pick out a cat around Christmas time though.

You don’t fucking walk a cat though, ffs.

She got any interests/hobbies in particular?

Murder mysteries, folk music, indeterminate hippie crap.

Mushroom Log?


A yacht?

Golf clubs?

A cool electric guitar so she can shred all day?

A bowling ball with Ruffers engraved on it?

Yeah might get her a pull-up bar

Like Ana Herzogovina?

My dad was 65 last year. I got him a vinyl to usb converter and some theatre tickets, and my sister and I went halves on my parents share of a big family holiday.

My mums 65 in a few years, shes difficult to buy for at the best of times.

Oooft that’s stumped me. Polar opposite to my parents.

National trust stuff could be good actually.

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I’ve got an idea. How about one


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year free entry at National Trust sites.

I was struggling for ideas for DiS Secret Santa til now!

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