Retro Janglepop - Review of Native Place by The Railway Children (1990)

Is there a better 1990’s janglepop album that this under rated absolute classic reviewed below?

Native Place Review

Any 90’s janglepop albums recommendations?

You mean like The Field Mice?

I would have thought the field mice were very much Indie Pop as opposed to jangle-pop but a superb band nonetheless.

Jag time.

same shite innit? downloaded this railway childen album anyway

I tend to associate jangle pop more with the 1980s rather than the 1990s. The Railway Children are more of an 80s band (having existed for longer in the 80s than they did the 90s). Here are some recommendations from that period (some are 80s):

The first two Lilac Time albums (S/T and Paradise Circus)
The Trashcan Sinatras - Cake
The Ocean Blue - Beneath The Rhythm and Sound
The Wild Swans - Bringing Home The Ashes
The Mighty Lemon Drops - World Without End

You can’t talk about jangle pop without mentioning Aztec Camera’s High Land Hard Rain obviously.

I too feel there was more of an association with janglepop and the
80’s…however there was still some good 90’s stuff as well…I am looking
for those 90’s gems I may have missed !!!

I had a live recording of them on cassette back in the day and they sounded much better than on an album. While we are talking about janglepop how about Birdland or even the Milltown Brothers? There was a brief moment in Indiedom when everyone was trying to be the Byrds and Box Set Go by The High might outjangle them all

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Slinky by The Milltown Brothers was indeed a great album, although it was a
bit tangential at times. I just feel it does not have the consistency that
TRC and Native Sound has…Blimey its years since I listened to the High.
That is my evening listening sorted !

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Great album I agree…thanks for the reminder !

Just listened to this. Pretty weak after the first track which is great

This is now the Janglepop thread. Not sure this qualifies. I love it though.

Its a shame you did not enjoy Jordan_229…however when you classed
indie-pop and jangle-pop as the same old shit I should have guessed.:wink: