Bought a couple of kids strides in Tez yesterday. Chucked the receipt. Got home and they had the security tag on. Managed to get that off. Then get informed that they have to be grey and I had bought black. Fucking trouser fascists!

Can I get refunded without a receipt? I will have scanned my clubcard.

Thanks for your help.




Thanks for your help.

Just paint them grey

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Cheers McJagger

I’ve returned some things recently (sorry, they’re all cycling related so I’ll blur them):

pair of Rapha bib shorts which developed a FAULT, should be replaced with a new pair
Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt which had some of the buttons falling off, currently awaiting my new device
not returned but I had a spoke broke (not burst, japes, ffs) on a wheel and I had the manufacturer pay for me to get it fixed and also send out a new spoke for free

just wash them loads and they’ll go grey


Here’s a fun story.

Bought a game the other day. Second hand, obvs, and not a new one. It was however newer than the game that was inside the case, as they’d put the wrong disc in. I obviously threw the receipt away as soon as I entered my flat, as I’m not insane.

Anyway, I just took it back the the shop, and they apologised and gave me a brand new copy of the correct game. Whilst this was a good result for mistersteve, I did think they were perhaps too lax, and this might be a scam ripe for exploitation in the future.

Give it a go! Tell them mistersteve sent you.

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I’ll see if I can swap them for a bottle of gin.

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“Yeah, this belt doesn’t really work for me - do you have one with slightly more utility?”

^people do shows in Edinburgh with less material than that


I bought some hand wash at a shop. Only it wasn’t hand wash, it was shower gel, which the shop assistant insisted was the same thing. Aforementioned shop assistant didn’t give me a receipt.

I exchanged it successfully.

The Dark Knight Rises - you could levitate

You’ll need proof of purchase to get a refund, clubcard may not cover this. You’ll be able to get an exchange without a receipt

So I’m shit out of luck.

Who wants two pairs of kid strides in black. £11. You have to collect.

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Depends on how sympathetic the guys in tezlets are to your fabricated story

obviously nicked them


I bought a new copy of Up by REM recently, and opened it to find the CD was actually Nicole Scherzinger’s debut album.


Right, I’m off. Wish me luck.

I appreciate that it’s not as exciting as senorDD’s charger run but we take what we can where we can.


sell stuff on ebay and some prick contacted me about 2 weeks after I sold him a game complaining the metal plate at the front was ‘lifting’ and wanted a refund. Was fine when I sold it to him and all sold pics show as fine and now he uploaded photos of it coming off! You fucking broke it mate. Just went through with refund etc because my rep is everything.
Might wait for him to leave some positive feedback and then leave negative feedback for him (over 6000 rating for him, all positive!) and then ban him from buying from me