I got stopped outside Sainsbos at the weekend after someone set the alarm off. Had a load of baby clothes in my bag which I’d just bought at the self checkout. Security guard asked to see my receipt but I didn’t have it as id opted out on the self checkout and he said “ok that’s fine” - this is now the shoplifting loopholes thread.


I like the cut of your jib, Faustus. In fact I love it.

Really going now, buoyed by this post.

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“Hi, I stole these trousers in the wrong colour, mind if I swap them?”

Good luck!


place your bets


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“But the people on my forum said…”

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I’ve contacted the brach of Tesco I believe Balonz will use to fraudulently refund stolen items. They told me they will refund stop him and escort him from the premises


once my wife gave me a piece of clothing to return without a receipt and told me to go to sainsbury’s and I was reluctant anyway as I didn’t really want to return women’s clothing without a receipt and then when I tried to return it the lady at the counter was all “lol, this is from Tesco, hahaha, wrong shop mate”


I need to return a coat and exchange it for a smaller size. I’m putting it off because it needs to go to the post office and I can’t be fucked.

She did you there.


So I went to the clothes counter and he said I could go to the customer service counter and give it a go where they may refund me from the Club Card but it will take time or he was willing to exchange.

I spend ages looking and thought I had found what I needed. Then when I got to the till I discovered they were the same fucking colour.

Ended up getting two school shirts (needed) and some Harry Potter pants (not needed) and having to shell over a further £2!

Fucking hell. You think you find some people who care about you and then WHAMMO straight in the nuts.

You talking about tesco here?

Yeah. Over five years, 3 or 4 times a week and that is all I get.

You reckon you’ll get on better with these than the sheer ones you skidded up last week?

does this mean you got the refund or not

I’m not out of pocket so I’m saying that yes I did get a refund.

Reckon if I cut out the gusset I could wear them as thigh protectors.

Also HP fans. Three pairs of pants but there are four houses.

A lying rat?

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Well I got refunded and then had to pay a bit more for more goods, Columbo.

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