Reusing wrapping paper and ironing it

Wtf? Surely everyone just rips wrapping paper apart when they’re opening the gift. Is this a posh people Kirstie Allsopp kind of thing?


My mum keeps all the wrapping paper. Ngl it’s quite savvy

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Really depends on how it’s wrapped. In the past mum would keep really nice paper but would never remember and it would get chucked out.

Think it’s more of a post-WW2 thing. Like my granny used to make new cakes of soap from all the scraps she kept from old bars. Just classic rationing behaviour.

Incredible out of touch not to know it’s not like that now. So, very Tory, yes.

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Isn’t it quite good not to waste stuff?

  • I’ve reused wrapping paper before (but usually for things like the girls’ stocking presents etc)
  • I’ve probably stuck 90% in the recycling
  • never ironed it thunderbirds.gif

Gift bags are a real winner here, husband’s family just reuse and circulate the same gift bags each year and make a little joke about it

I personally love wrapping presents but can’t deny they’re onto something


Yes it is but a present is not a general item really. Part of the point is to give something and the way we wrap usually makes it hard to reuse, particularly as presents are all different sizes.

Edit: also a very low cost item with a low use amount usually so probably doesn’t make huge benefit to reuse.

Ah yes, we do the same

I hate wrapping presents. Gave up trying to wrap a bag of coffee beans I got for my dad because the shape was too awkward.

I picked up loads of tricks watching people in shops wrap stuff for me.

Abolish giftwrapping.


I think you’re in danger of sliding into the wrong side of history here. For sure people with kids get a pass because ripping the paper to bits is key, but even I’m starting to think reusable gift bag type wrapping is the future.

Not this year though. Still have a backlog of sunk carbon to get through

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This absolutely seems the sort of thing the in-laws would do but they don’t, as far as I’m aware.

As much as I detest Christmas cards, we quite often cannibalise them for gift tags.

Gift bags are great and don’t hesitate to reuse them because they are pricy (relatively) and contain loads of plastic etc.

Thought we were discussing wrapping paper.

Also does depend on the paper: high quality expensive stuff is v different to a 2 quid roll from tesco.

Bit of crossover with the ‘Great Things…’ thread but we have previously used spare wallpaper as gift wrap. Even fashioned some into gift bags.

I mean reusable gift wrap.

The expensive stuff is worse because it’s less recyclable. The stuff from Tesco will compost just fine.

I’ve been reusing mine for 6 years now. Dont iron it though, and half of it is just fabric which is much easier.

Dont wrap it with tape, just ribbons (which i also reuse) so no need to rip it open.


(And if i run low i just look in the paper recycling bins and use paper shopping bags or that packaging brown paper from inside boxes. Very proud of it as i try to do all the waste free things my nan did, rather than just assume we have infinite resources. Wrapped a bike in a bedsheet once. Looked good :+1:)


I might reuse a big bit if it’s not too torn. No ironing though

Just use newspaper :man_shrugging:

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