Revelations (banal)


Someone’s brought in some leftover chocolates in a Celebrations box. It includes some knock-off Quality Street/Roses things.

In addition to the usual ones, it’s got some rogue ones in there. The popping candy truffle can fuck off, obviously, but the chocolate fudge brownie one is outstanding. I can only imagine how good the premium version would be.

45 minutes until home time.


is it a brownie then covered in a chocolate coating??






oh fuck that sounds…kind of amazing


Our old boss once brought us in a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, the plain ones.

They had actually just stolen the box from tesco and put tesco own brand doughnuts in the box because they were super tight and tried to fool us. You could tell instantly.


I was very excited for the introduction of the Honeycomb Crunch in this year’s Q Street tins (you may remember that I’m known as ‘The Honeycomb Kid’ in some parts) but the tin at my Mum’s place only had two in it and they weren’t even that nice. Ah well, back to strawberry cremes for me! (Not that I’m complaining, I love strawberry cremes!)


Jesus. That’s fully grim.




Incredible. That’s the second tightest thing I’ve ever heard, after my colleague who routinely expenses 7 p in diesel if he has to drive to the train station for a work trip. He’s not even Scottish/from Yorkshire.


one of my guys once had to put some air in a tyre, we got 20p in his expenses for it. couldn’t fucking believe it


I got a christmas card today
Finished the last of the christmas chocco too by inhaling some thorntons chocolate pistachio rectangle number


I have enjoyed many of your anecdotes today, but this one takes the doughnut.


Weirdest book of the Bible, among stiff competition


them McCoys XChip Shop flavours everyone was sniffy about on here


It’s 1 year since this happened :raised_hands:


Oh here’s a revelation, I don’t know what ‘lit’ means. Or at least how THE YOUTHS use it.




Graham Coconut looks a bit awkward there

Easter Sunday thread

i like this one too