Review a recent or not so recent purchase

I’ll start

excellent product. you can use it in a curry, you can squeeze it into a tall glass of water, desperado or cola if you’re feeling classy, you can eat it whole and you can even do stuff with the skin. tastes nicer than a lemon. 9/10




Waitrose A-Z Multivitamins

I have some issues with this product. Firstly, the childproof cap was difficult to open (and nobody is allowed to make any “funny” comments about this) on accounts of how squeezing the sides of the lid doesn’t move the inner notches enough.

Secondly, for some reason the instructions are not printed on the external label but, instead, they are underneath the outer label. This led me to think the external label would be peelable to reveal the instructions but my attempts so far have led to the entire label group (internal and external) coming off together.

Thirdly, the pills are quite big and, frankly, I feel absolutely identical to how I did before I started taking them.

They were fairly cheap however and red is my favourite colour.

All in I would give them 4/10


Leave me alone! Why is there so much pressure to review - You can’t make me!

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Oh good, Geoff Capes is here!

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My dad has started rubbing limes under his armpits instead of deodorant. He’s a funny old bean.


Big bag of weed from the bar around the corner.

+nice grass

Minus not done any site seeing as I can’t be bothered moving off the hammock


Opening jars left and right makes me feel like a big man

I’m extremely good at opening jars I’ll have you know. This is a faulty product.

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I’m looking at it mate and I don’t think it’s the product unless they sealed it with cement

Oh, you’re looking at the internal notches of the cap are you? Geoff Capes and Mr X-Ray Vision! How impressive!

I’m saying looking at the product the internal notches wouldn’t be that important. You found that out yourself once you put some effort in.

You’re talking out your bollocks mate and this conversation is OVER

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Alright Timmy Foamhands

Supermarket sourdough. Reasonably tasty. Toasted ok despite being five days old. 7/10


My mind kept processing the crumbs as being pores in some kind of white (rubber?) surface.


breakfast (tin of tuna, banana, 2 oranges)

Texturally satisfying and varied in taste and aroma, although the tuna left my hands smelling of fish for an hour at least. I was also able to give a small amount of tuna to the cats which was very pleasing to the three of us.

The banana was overripe but not brown. One orange was juicy and just right, the other was past its prime but still packed a flavour punch.

8/10. Will be repeating tomorrow and every day from then on

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Is that an after picture?