Review of 'Walkers Stax'


Impossible to close lid and missing one vital ingredient, flavour

Wish I hadn’t have bothered


Seems a bold move for anyone to be entering the tube-based potato snack game (in nations where Pringles are already sold obviously)


Id have been up for it with adventurous flavours, but they are sadly lacking

Also, I genuinely dunno how to close the lid


Is it a screw-top?


it is not

you have to open them by squeezing the sides, and a snuken top pops out. there’s a foil bit to peel back, and you need to put the top back in. but because you’ve squeezed the tube and the flimsy cardboard material, it’s all out of shape so they don’t fit together now


Sounds like it’s quite a lot of fun to open them though at least


That’s where the fun stops I’m afraid :frowning:


You mean once you pop, you have to eat the whole thing?

Did you get them from a Spar, by any chance?


These intrigued me, though looked like a shoddy pringles. Thanks for the warning.