Review your 01/20 (part 1 of a 12 episode series)

Thought it’d be nice/depressing to do this every month and then come the end of the year we can bump them and look at all the things that happened to us in the year.

How was your January? Talk me through some positives! Some negatives! How are your resolutions holding up? Do anything cool?

I made a resolution to read more and I have read one whole book and 180 out of 249 pages of a second book.


Are you pleased with this?

I am pleased



Ate meat twice :x:
Read 5 (short) books :white_check_mark:
Watched 15 films!
Didn’t drink as much as normal :white_check_mark:
Came off citalopram :white_check_mark:
Was a bit of a dickhead to my partner as a result of this :x:
Played 1 gig


Went out a lot (too much), put on a little bit of weight (still about 10 stone so who cares), nothing really constructive happened, met a romantic interest and let it fizzle out within a week or so. 1/5

Then I wouldn’t worry. Your heart/brain knows what it wants :+1:


Doing this the first Monday of every month

  • I am interested in this regular feature
  • I am not interested in this
  • I am undecided

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Read three books
Played six hours of football*
Scored 12 goals*
Broke my elbow

A poor start to the year, except in terms of goalscoring.

*I think

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Sorry, I thought your name was Keith, not Gary Goals


Was that 6 a game or did you hit double figures against a collection of bollards with haircuts

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Didn’t eat any meat (I’m a vegetarian now), which is good.

Started playing a MMORPG again, which is… hmm.



  • Applied for and got accepted onto a college course - hopefully a first step towards the career I should’ve aimed for when I finished school.
  • I climbed a big hill for the first time in months.
  • I’ve read a ton of books already.
  • Just had a top weekend eating, drinking and watching live music through in Glasgow.


  • Not sure if I can actually afford college. And definitely can’t afford the nice holiday I had been planning.
  • Drank too much - especially at home whilst doing nothing except watching brain-numbing TV.
  • That whole ‘fit and healthy’ new year resolution hasn’t really worked out for me yet.
  • Work sucks - to the extent the whole ‘sitting at home, drinking and watching brain-numbing TV’ thing feels inevitable each day.

Overall, it’s been a good one - better than any month last year that didn’t involve a holiday.


Done just over 40 shrines and all the towers. POSITIVE


Did some cycling :white_check_mark:
Almost found a healthy balance with the booze :white_check_mark:
Lost some of the Christmas weight :white_check_mark:
House needs lots of tlc and it’s a bit dingy and grubby and depressing atm :x:
Work :x:
My kindle got a tiny crack in it and it’s not worth buying a new one but it’s depressing me :x:

(8/10 I enjoyed it)

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Well done! The two times I caved were
•moving day
• being very ill and having no willpower day

Finally got floors refitted :x:
Refitting job still “not perfect” :x:
United are still shite :x:
It was my birthday :x:
Bought a pair of trousers and then had to return those trousers and buy another pair :x:
Got five pairs of pants which aren’t suitable :x:

Did a couple of runs :white_check_mark:
Saw 11 films :white_check_mark:
Grand Big Mac is back? :white_check_mark:

Enjoyed a lovely holiday (started in December but finished in Jan), including a lovely cruise round the Caribbean.

Had our 12 week scan and all looking good, found out we’re expecting another girl

Completed Metroid Zero Mission with only minimal help from a guide


Woah! Congrats, man x


The trick is to remember that eating dead animal flesh is really fucking gross, if you think about it and then you don’t get any cravings! Magic.

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