Revisit of post editing


Thought I’d post this in here in case the community has a new view on this.

I’ve responded in that thread. Basically are people happy with the current system or do you want to lengthen the time allowed to edit your posts? Or anything else?

Edit History


  • happy with the current system
  • want to lengthen the time allowed to edit your posts
  • anything else

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If people do want other changes they’d best actually state them here @Ruffers @jordan_229


2 mins is fine tbh, allows you to fix typos etc. Longer just gives people the chance to alter the content when people have likely already responded. If you regret a post just ask to have it deleted.


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Seeing as edits are visible I reckon a breezier 5 minutes would be good, The other day I missed the window to edit a post because the postman came (oh the iro… etc)


So much this, just a couple of minutes more would be useful I think, I am mostly posting from a very rubbish phone which can be surprisingly slow and sometimes I miss an edit of a typo/missing or repeated word/etc judt because the keyboard hasn’t loaded or has crashed.






Since I was the one that sparked this, I’ll state my preference, which is: extend the time limit to half an hour. But I think any extension would be better than none.


Extension to 5 minutes please.


Okay it’s 5 mins now.


You beautiful man/robot hybrid.