Revisiting the same riff on different tracks

Had a few pints lads, so probably not the best way to word a thread title - listening to Mellon Collie and that sort of ends with the same piano riff it begins with.

The last track on Engineers’ debut album revisits the riff from “Forgiveness” albeit much heavier.

There’s bound to be a metric shit-ton of prog albums that do the same sort of thing.

Acid mother’s temple - pink lady lemonade (about twenty times on different versions)
Sun lol moon - Salvador Sanchez and Pancho Villa
The Antlers - Epilogue and Sylvia (an introduction)

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit and Rape Me

How the fuck have I not picked up on The Antlers? Love that album and it’s never occurred to me.

Not so sure about this.

Similar but not revisiting the same track.

Sorry to be a ballbreaker but we have to abide by the rules, otherwise Cotton Eye Joe and Old Pop in an Oak will be candidates.


this is not really what you’re after but it is hilarious that david longstreth took the last song on amber coffman’s album (which he produced and they wrote together) after they stopped speaking to each other and used it for last the last song on the most recent dirty projectors album (both albums in question are about their break up), AND managed to release it before she could hers. impressive dick move

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Haha, dick move but to be fair that’s a great story.

And More Than A Feeling.

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King Gizzard… have done this within albums and across multiple albums

Nonagon Infinity is the one that springs to mind first


The piano motif at the end of Closer appears another few times across The Downward Spiral - think Trent Reznor has done similar things on another couple of albums too.

Pinkunoizu’s song Somber Ground has elements of pretty much every other song on the album Free Time - both lyrically and musically.

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Pretty sure chastity belt do this on a couple of consecutive tracks on one of their albums. Same riff but a bit slower. Fucking love them for this and many other reasons.

Also wasn’t the best coast debut littered with this. Love it too, don’t @ me.

Robert Fripp’s solos on FraKctured and Larks’ Tongues In Aspic Part IV are pretty much identical, and they’re only a couple of album tracks apart. Always seemed a bit redundant rather than “fugue-like” to me.


It’s not on the album. Sylvia (an introduction) was on an ep (well worth checking it out). Sylvia and a few other tracks use similar riffs though

Ah fair, I was thinking that the intro on Hospice is just sort of ambient. Will have a Google and a gander.

Loved that album. Have an EP by them but it’s from well after Hospice, can’t remember its name.

Songs ohia did this really well


The Crib’s Major’s Titling Victory has the riff to the next song, Women’s Needs as a bridge

Buddha of Suburbia by Bowie has the Starman riff as a solo toward the end (also has the coda to All the Madmen as it’s outro)

The Fall did this a couple of times. Mansion and To Nkroachment on the same album. Bremen Nacht and Last Nacht an album apart. Free Range and Das Katerer a whole 8 years apart

ha i rinsed that cribs album and never noticed that.

Opening track riff from the first Goat album is reprised at the end of the album, and then reprised again at the end of the third album